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Post-Surgical: Hip Labral Repair

St. Joseph University Track Athlete


“While running during this past track season, I suffered a torn labrum in my hip with a femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) and hip flexor release, which required surgery. I chose PT Associates of NEPA for my physical therapy because my former high school athletic trainer, Jarad, is on staff and my family members have had positive experiences there in the past.


My therapist, Renee, was caring, took a personal interest in my rehab, and was willing to push me and do what was right for my recovery.


My experience as a whole was EXCELLENT!”  






“While playing soccer this past season, I injured my knee which required ACL surgery.  Friends and family recommended I go to Physical Therapy Associates of NEPA.


 The friendly staff was very welcoming and helpful. As a young athlete eager to get back on the field, I felt that my therapist, Jeff, provided me with the individual attention and tools I needed to achieve the strength, mobility, and confidence to play again!


The staff at Physical Therapy Associates of NEPA did a great job rehabilitating me, resulting in full clearance to return to sports!” 






“On different occasions, I’ve pulled my back out doing yard work and outdoor projects.  I got excruciating pain across my entire lower back, to the point I could not even stand up straight to walk.  The wonderful staff at Physical Therapy Associates is always so accommodating and gets me right in to be seen.  By the end of my treatment with Renee Lenceski, DPT, I walked out of there, standing straight and PAIN-FREE!  I call Renee “my little miracle worker”!!  It’s absolutely amazing how effective physical therapy is for back pain!  Now I am all set for snowmobile season!”





“When I first injured my hamstring during the track meet, I lost all hope for returning for my junior season. I never went through physical therapy before and was a bit skeptical at first but after speaking to my athletic trainer, I gave it a try. I noticed the difference after only a few sessions. We started slow and he gradually got me running again. Thank to my athletic trainer and Physical Therapy Associates, I was able to return from what looked like a season-ending injury to winning a district gold medal and qualifying for states.” 





“I was suffering from low back pain.  A friend recommended Physical Therapy Associates of NEPA because she had gone there for a knee injury and had great results.  I am so happy she did!  I loved the therapists’ willingness to listen to what I was feeling.  Not only did they treat the immediate issue, but they also made sure to address the underlying problem to prevent future problems!  I found my experience at PT Associates to be PERFECT.  My back pain went away and my therapist gave me stretches and exercises to stay PAIN-FREE!!  I have and will continue to recommend them to everyone that needs physical therapy. They were kind, dedicated, and determined to help!”   

- Kevin




"I tore my ACL in November of 2015. Ashley Williams, ATC evaluated my knee from day one and they helped me schedule an orthopedic appointment. When my MRI came back torn ACL and slightly torn meniscus, she instantly focused on my preoperative therapy. She stressed how important it was to regain as much motion and strength as before my surgery. She also thoughtfully cared about all the emotional stress I was beginning to feel after my injury. She spoke the truth to me at all times and said that it would be a fight to get back where I wanted to be. But she also stressed if I put in the work that the positive results would follow.


Ashley set me up at the clinic after my surgery three times a week and twice with her at the school. At this time she was communicating regularly with my physical therapist to make sure I wasn't pushing my knee too hard but just enough. Around five months post-operation; I was working with Ashley five to six times a week at the school. She had a tentative rehabilitation plan set up for me weekly and always pushed me to a comfortable limit. She patiently worked through my complaining and suffering of my painful injury. She had a tactic of setting little goals each week, which made me workout with a purpose.  Without Ashley I truly believe this process wouldn't be as effective. Not only is she a great trainer but she’s an even better person. Because of Ashley I was able to cheer for football season and play basketball one last time as a senior. She motivated and pushed me every day of rehab, and I am forever grateful that she was my mentor for my ACL reconstruction journey." 






 “The burning and aching pain in my neck got so severe, I finally went to my doctor.  It was so debilitating that I couldn’t perform my daily activities, lay on the couch to watch TV, or even sleep at night!  An x-ray found that I have arthritis in the top three vertebrae of my neck from an injury suffered 46 years ago.  I was given a script for physical therapy and went to Physical Therapy Associates, Inc. of NEPA for treatment, where Renee Lenceski, DPT was my therapist.  After only eight visits, with Renee’s hands-on approach, I felt AMAZING! Going to PT Associates was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I feel like a new person.  I cannot thank Renee and the staff enough for their incredible care.  It has been a year now, and I am still PAIN-FREE!!!”  





"After having a progressive total hip replacement, Bernie and his staff worked closely with my orthopedist, resulting in a PT treatment plan that had me walking and returning to my daily activities within 2 weeks!  I can't thank them enough!"   






"Due to an accident and sustaining multiple bone fractures, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic lumbosacral plexopathy (nerve damage).  During the previous 18 months, I received rehab from Bernie Povanda of Physical Therapy Associates.  My results have been tremendous:  Reduced pain and a better walking gait. I would publicly like to extend accolades and appreciation to Mr. Povanda and his staff for their expertise, guidance and positive attitude. They have become a second family through this difficult time and I would highly recommend Physical Therapy Associates of NEPA for treatment." 





“After having a total knee replacement I was sent for physical therapy.  I found the staff at Physical Therapy Associates very personable and helpful with all of my questions and needs.  Therapy was a total success in regaining the bending motion of my knee and strengthening my muscles. Walking and standing have become easier.  I can do stairs and even jog if I had to!  I would recommend Physical Therapy Associates of NEPA to everyone.”


- Anita




"Over the course of seventeen years, I have had TEN back surgeries, and was told I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.  The therapists at Physical Therapy Associates have helped me with my balance, strengthened my muscles, and lessened my dependency on pain medication.  With physical therapy I am WALKING better today!" 





"Therapy for my 1st knee replacement included the Biodex Balance Machine at Physical Therapy Associates.  At 1st, it took me a good amount of time to align the ball.  When my 2nd knee was replaced and I got onto the balancing disk, it was so much easier!  The lines may be squiggly but I hit every target.  My balance and coordination are GREATLY improved by these exercises!" 



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