Fall Risk Program



Fall risk testing has been introduced as an innovative, life-saving program for older adults. There are many different types of assessment tools.  One such method used in my clinics is the Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program by Biodex.  This advanced technology can determine who is at risk of falling by identifying the individual risk factors of the patient. The physical therapist will then suggest a series of interventions that will aid in the prevention of a fall.


How do you know if you or a loved one is in need of a balance test?  Basically there are a number of questions you ask yourself.  Have you recently fallen?  Is there a fear of falling?  Do you take smaller steps than normal?  Has going downstairs recently become frightening?  Has someone in your family stated they are worried you may fall?  Is there pain in your knees, hips or feet that make it necessary to put more weight on one foot?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you may be at risk to fall. 


In the event that you are found to be at risk, there is an array of “interventions” and exercises that physical therapists can utilize to help you regain your balance and reduce the risk of falling.


Our physical therapists use the Biodex Balance System SD ™ to help patients with balance, dizziness and vestibular

disorders. The system uses real-time visual biofeedback to teach patients how to overcome their balance problems.  It also provides fall risk screening tests and athletic knee injury screening tests.



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