Welcome to Physical Therapy Associates of NEPA


Physical Therapy Associates of NEPA has been providing outpatient Physical Therapy services throughout Northeastern PA for over 25 years.


Our experienced staff is committed to providing hands-on care and personalized rehabilitation plans for each individual patient. We use the latest techniques and a broad variety of treatments – including advanced manual therapy techniques, evidenced-based protocols and close contact with referring physicians to progress patients safely and efficiently to optimal levels of function. We strive to provide you with one-on-one attention from our highly skilled team to help you make real progress with every visit.


We believe in taking the time to educate patients on how to achieve a healthier, more active and pain-free lifestyle. With three locations surrounding the Scranton area and flexible hours, we offer unparalleled convenience for patients. You can find one of our offices close to home or work.


After your initial visit, our physical therapists will consult your physician to discuss your care and determine an accurate diagnosis in order to develop the most effective treatment plan for you, as well as providing periodic updates as to your progress right up until your discharge.


Talk to your doctor about visiting Physical Therapy Associates of NEPA for your physical therapy needs, or call us for more information. We look forward to helping you get back on track to the lifestyle you desire.

Physical Therapy Associates hosted a 3 day Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Seminar (MAPS) April 15-17, 2016

PT Associates physical therapists in attendance: Bernard Povanda, PT, COMT, Renee Lenceski, DPT, David Trishman, PT, and Susan Rutledge Pasquini, MPT




In honor of National Athletic Training Month 2016, we'd like to recognize our Athletic Training staff:



Old Forge- Caitlin Mackrell, LAT, ATC


Riverside- Jarad Bonda, LAT, ATC


Scranton- Carley Gustin, ATC


West Scranton- Godfred Anyang, ATC


Valley View- Ashley Williams, LAT, ATC, CES





“Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, also known as FOTO, is a web based assessment system.  FOTO has given our therapists a better way in determining our patients’ functional status, reporting functional limitations and tracking our outcomes.  This information enables us to view the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment at our clinics and the patients’ satisfaction with their care.” – Bernard Povanda, PT, COMT